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Come to this category to report a bug or an other issue with the software. Please read the existing threads to avoid making a duplicate bug report.
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Reboot script not working on Samsung Galaxy Ace, operation not permitted error.
by: Amos (guest)
28 Sep 2015 14:03
2 by daxue (guest)
28 Jun 2017 13:14 Jump!
There are problem with capital letters and special characters
by: sjlouis (guest)
05 May 2015 12:45
Doesn`t execute any script
by: prqek (guest)
25 Nov 2014 11:20
by: G√ľnter Merz (guest)
31 Jul 2014 13:42
3 by seamus (guest)
09 Aug 2014 12:13 Jump!
List of settings no longer visible
by: trevor treenwood (guest)
25 Apr 2014 13:20
3 by volker (guest)
28 Apr 2014 17:23 Jump!
by: jenger (guest)
14 Jan 2014 16:17
Folder display have very large text with zoom set to 0.
by: Mark (guest)
24 Dec 2013 00:14
3 by smitna (guest)
16 Jan 2014 01:06 Jump!
$PATH is completely FUBAR in every way.
by: Jay (guest)
31 Jul 2013 09:16
In the configuration options, I have "Home directory" set to a custom directory. I also have te "Export $HOME" option checked. However, when I execute a script and do "env > myfile.txt" and read the file, it says "HOME=/"
by: Jay Mo (guest)
31 Jul 2013 06:16
Hello, I use smanager to bind directories, e.g.: busybox mount --bind /storage/extSdCard/Musik /storage/sdcard0/Musik This was fine working on Galaxy S3 and is fine on Galaxy Note 10.1 It is not working on Galaxy S4. I think it is an issue with Android 4.2.2 Can you give a tip how to get it working? Thx Kai
by: Kai (guest)
26 Jun 2013 16:08
I just downloaded the app and am trying to rename some files in the /system/app section but it simply tells me "Could not rename ..." The tutorials I'm following don't mention any trouble with renaming. Any ideas? Thanks!
by: pterodactyl ptime (guest)
28 May 2013 05:32
3 by Mark (guest)
05 Aug 2013 13:52 Jump!
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