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Come to this category to discuss getting, installing and using the SManager app.
3573by missingxtension (guest)
12 Jun 2020 19:00Jump!
Come to this category to share your own scripts. Please add at least a short description.
1022by dredd9877 (guest)
12 Sep 2020 05:00Jump!
Come to this category to make a feature request or a suggestion for improvement. Please read the existing threads to avoid making duplicate requests.
710by devwomdevwom
24 May 2014 16:40Jump!
Come to this category to report a bug or an other issue with the software. Please read the existing threads to avoid making a duplicate bug report.
1120by daxue (guest)
28 Jun 2017 13:14Jump!

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Simple power scripts (14 Jun 2012 16:04) — Shardul SethShardul Seth
These are simple scripts that I have made a widget to (multiple scripts widget), so that power options are easily at hand ;)

PS: All have to be run as root

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USB OTG mount unmount drive scripts (14 Jun 2012 16:10) — Shardul SethShardul Seth
You will need a phone / tab with USB OTG enabled, or a custom kernel or modules to enable the function..

Tested with Sony Ericsson Xperia 2011 line devices with custom kernel :)

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Disable/Enable Packages (13 Dec 2012 12:06) — devwomdevwom

Enable or disable desired packages in the device

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